Welcome to Discovering Galapagos

Welcome to the Discovering Galapagos Teacher Zone brought to you by Galapagos Conservation Trust. The Teacher Zone is a dedicated area for anyone wanting to access resources aimed at inspiring and engaging students in the conservation and sustainable development of Galapagos. We are giving teachers access to ground breaking conservation projects happening right now in Galapagos and providing a new way for classes to engage with environmental issues. All our lesson plans are linked with the current UK curriculum and contain all the resources you need to pick up and bring Galapagos into the classroom.

How to use the site

The Teacher Zone can be used for one off lessons or as an entire term of cross-curricular activities for Key Stages 2 and 3. You can use the menu above or on the home screen to access resources by subject area (science, geography, history or Galapagos focus) or by age range (7-11, 11-14, 14-18).

All resources and pages are tagged with the subject area and age. Click one of these tags to see other resources in that area.

Each resource page has an introduction to the lesson and the learning objectives and student’s outcomes. In the download section you will find all the lesson resources needed in PDF or PowerPoint format. At the bottom of the page, any extra resources such as the relevant Discovering Galapagos pages, videos or links to our quizzes are listed.

For Students

Students can visit our Discovering Galapagos site which is designed to support their studies, particularly in geography and science using interesting examples and case studies from Galapagos. The website may be used linearly, working through chapters one by one or can be self-guided, empowering students to guide their own discovery. As well as learning more about the Islands via the ‘Discover’ menu, they will come across lots of videos, interactive quizzes and games to complement their discovery.

Begin your journey... Discovering Galapagos!

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