7-11 Life Science Science

Classification and Keys

Introduction – Downloads – Supporting Resources Teach students how to classify Galapagos animals and plants into groups of similar organisms, using keys. This section explains how taxonomic keys can be used to classify living organisms. Learning objectives To know that organisms can be classified according to their physical characteristics. To understand how keys can be […]

7-11 Galapagos Focus Galapagos Giant Tortoise

How to track a tortoise

Introduction – Downloads – Supporting Resources Introduce students to the working life of a conservationist in the field. Find out about scientific research methods used and challenges they face on a daily basis. Learning objectives To know about how science is carried out in the field and the research methods used. To understand the importance […]

7-11 Galapagos Focus Galapagos Giant Tortoise

Tortoises of Española: A conservation success story

Introduction – Downloads – Supporting Resources Familiarise your students with the history of the tortoises of Española and their conservation story. Using a video and newspaper article students will learn about the Captive Breeding Programme of this species and elicit information using key questions. Learning objectives Science: recognise that environments can change and that this […]